Thanks to your support, the Rice Foundation is enabled to continue investing in the lives of many people in our community - through our programs, projects, and activities.

These are some of the projects to which you can direct your donation - wether it is a single-time donation or a recurring one.

  • Educational Support:
    • Scholarships for individual students
    • Scholarships for groups of students
    • Improvement of the school's building and facilities (resources, equipment, etc).
  • Emergency Food Program:
    • Food bags donated every month to families in communities in the Copan Area, distributed through the local church and leaders.
  • Construction Projects:
    • Acquiring tools and materials to build roofs, floors, and walls for the people who live in precarious conditions, or have been affected by natural disasters in the area.
  • Leadership Development:
    • Leaders are able to attend training and development seminars, where they are taught and empowered to develop those whom they serve - as teachers, servants, and change agents.
  • And much more...
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