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"Copanecan" Kids in our Clinic


Rice Foundation
Exists for Hondurans

Founded in 2008, the Rice Foundation has been relentless and unwaivering in its commitment to serve those who are in need.

Every year, a wide array of volunteers visit our beautiful country HONDURAS with their arms and hearts wide open.

They come to share their hearts, minds, talents, and possessions to expand the health and well being of hundreds, and even thousands, of Honduras per trip.

We invite you to take a deep dive into our site and get to know what we do and have done, what we dream of, and how you can be part of the change!

Welcome to the Rice Foundation!


Mission Trips
Surgeries Performed
Roofs & Floors Built

Our Projects & Programs

Medical Brigades

Every year, the Rice Foundation organizes between 8 and 15 one-week-long mission trips, in which the major contribution is medical work for the people in town.

Our volunteer surgeons, doctors, and nurses perform a variety of procedures to bring healing and restoration to Hondurans.

High School Education

Founded in 2008, the "Fuente de Poder" High School has graduated more than 130 students to date. These students have gone on to study and excel at national and international universities. 

The Rice Foundation joined efforts with the school on 2012, and has developed and promoted the school's facilities, equipment, and academic programs.

Leadership Development

The long-term solutions for the problems in town are locked within the hearts, minds, and skills of the local residents.

The Rice Foundation invests in the development and equipment of leaders who are inspired to upturn the challenges that hold back the town's huge potential for a better future.