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Sweet Comfort After Hard Work

Thinking of You

Followed by Recovery

The evenings, nights, and weekends are the times for the team to rejoin and recharge.

It's also the time to connect, reflect, and contemplate the beauties hidden in this part of the world.

The Rice Foundation  has intentionally built and selected beautiful recovery areas and accomodations for you.

Check them out with us!

The main location for the mission trip is the Castro Ranch.

The other locations are visited when the mission's design has included them from the get-go.

Castro Ranch
Mayan Ruins
Castro Ranch***
Telamar Hotel
Tropical Beach
Telamar Hotel & Villas
Los Olingos Hotel
Tropical Beach
Los Olingos Hotel
Infinity Bay Hotel
Infinity Bay Resort
Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach Hotel
Posada Don Rodrigo
Historical Architecture
Posada Don Rodrigo