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Important Info:

Policy for
Volunteer Service

Our important information for our volunteers


Policy for Volunteer Service

Rice Foundation is a Christian organization  -committed to the evangelization, empowerment and unity of the body of Christ through service with medical relief and construction in specific parts of the world.

  • Wherever we go, we want to follow upour work for a period of eight years minimum, supporting the local leaders and communities through evangelization, training, and medical relief efforts.
  • US IRS tax-deductible receipts will be given for donations of $25.00 (or more) that are contributed to Rice Foundation's projects.
  • Donation checks should be written to RICE FOUNDATION, with the participant's name in the memo field.
  • A signed application and waiver must be submitted by the participant for each project he/she participates in.

It is of vital importance for the Rice Foundation and its participants to maintain an unimpeachable testimony in the local community, and we therefore expect our participants to behave in a manner that is in keeping with biblical, Christian morals.

  • Due to the beliefs of the local churches, participants should refrain from partaking of smoking and alcoholic beverages while serving with the Rice Foundation.
  • Bars and discos are off-limits for team members.
  • No public or private immoral behavior will be tolerated by the Rice Foundation.
  • When activities are in questions, team members should respect the wishes of Rice Foundation leadership and their knowledge of the country and culture.
By checking the "Policy for Voluntary Service" agreement box on the Application, I hereby agree to follow the beforementioned guidelines.
I also agree to provide the essential documentation requirements.